Shiseido Launches Product Series for Dull and Acne Treatments

Shiseido Launches Product Series for Dull and Acne Treatments

Which woman wants to have dull facial skin and acne? But dirty and polluted environments are often the cause of facial complexes that are not fresh, especially on oily skin. To solve the problem, Shiseido launched its newest product, which is named Ibuki.Ibuki is a series of products devoted to women in daily skin care. One of them is a cleansing product consisting of two types, Shiseido Gentle Cleanser for normal skin and Purifying Cleanser for oily skin and help reduce komedo.This Ibuki face cleanser contains unsaturated fatty acids, where this unique formula can clean the dirt on the face to skin part in, so avoid the acne and dull skin. In addition to cleaning, Ibuki series also has moisturizing products, namely Softening Contentrate Lotion that can be used in the morning and evening, and is suitable for all skin types.

Other series are Refining Moisturizer Lotion for dry skin, and Refining Moisturizer Cream for oily skin. There is also a Protective Moisturizer SPF 15 that protects the skin from exposure to sunlight and is applied before leaving the house. Another product is the Eye Correcting Cream to disguise dark circles in the eyes. All these products from Shiseido Ibuki line can be used from the age of 20 to 30 years, said Angela Merici NW Narimastuti, Deputy National Training Manager of Shiseido Indonesia during the launch event at Glow Living Beauty , Plaza Indonesia, Monday (28/04/2014). The whole range of products from Ibuki contain phytoresist complex that serves to help regenerate skin cells to be more youthful. This series of products can already be found in all Shiseido outlets. (mrt / hst)

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